Spirit of Sportsmanship

Apr 3, 2008, 11:06 PM |

I have been a member of Chess.com for over 2 months and i've had good and bad days.

Playing a game of chess is one thing that i loved most. I have played with several members from all age group and made friends along the way.

As a beginner or novice player, short of knowledge regarding strong play in chess or tactics i may say, I somehow survived.

On a regular basis, i have read a lot of posts, informative articles, viewed great different photos of several categories... and all sorts of chess related and non- chess related events. I even tried the tactics trainer and the new chess mentor demo, that helped me improve my games in a way.

What struck me most is the cheating and vacation abuses. I just wonder how a person could do anything for the ratings and others tend to use the vacation features of this site for their self-conceited, selfish act. Though perfectly knowing that vacationing cannot save them from defeat, but only delays the result of the game for a maximum of 35-40 days. Is there honor left for this ill- behavior of that person involved? For others it's terrible annoying and offensive.

Learning from a good friend TrumpldUnderfoot about the feature that one can disable the auto claim win feature, i edited my profile and switch the feature off.

I never find pleasure, challenge nor fun and learning from winning a game from a timed-out opponent, unless it's a game of Blitz.

Currently, 2 of my opponents timed-out of our games and to set good example of fair play and sportsmanship, I decided not to claim any win from this notable time-outs from now on. Professionally, I sent them messages informing that they timed-out of the game and reminded them that the game just sit there until they were able to make their moves. This is one example to one of the posts i replied with that we should at-least give that person the benefit of a doubt. Aside from the fact that there was no mating position yet, I don't really know the reason they timed-out.

Were human, and don't need to call that person/players such names just because they timed-out. For whatever reason they have whether its valid or not...I don't care... I'll be patiently waiting for there move. On tournaments, it would be a different issue.

I just hope that if they don't have the intention on finishing the game, they would eventually be professional enough considering to resign in good faith respective of their opponent. 

Whatever their decision would be, the game will just sit there waiting for them. No need for disgust, disappointment nor name callings.... There are so many members out there just waiting to be challenge and played with. One day might come a chance that they would return the same favor, importance and respect given to them.

As of today, I needed several games to pull-down my percentage timed-out as a result of untoward event... the high percentage of time-out is keeping me from joining a tournament. Still, I dare not claim a win, instead I find other means to lower it down by playing more games, I decided to volunteer for the welcomer's for chess.com, this way I could be an importance to the community in my small way at the same time helping me lower those percentage down every-time I finished a game. walahhhh.... 2 birds in one shot.

As a non-paying member, this is my  way of helping and promoting the community, make them at home, feel at home be at home. 

The golden rule of chess correspondence; email chess; echess or whatever you feel appropriate is: "NEVER START A GAME YOU DON'T INTEND TO FINISH."  In this manner you don't get to waste the time and efforts of the persons concerned and other people affected by the delay of results specially in tournaments.