A miniature by Alekhine (+ Video)
Alexander Alekhine

A miniature by Alekhine (+ Video)

FM michechess89

Alekhine was 4th World Champion; he defeated Capablanca in 1927. It’s very nice to look at his games, they are very instructive. That’s why today I have annotated an interesting miniature where he won. 

I continue training very hard, because as I said in previous posts, I want to play Carlos Torre Memorial. I already finished “Understanding Chess, move by move” by John Nunn (great book). From now on, until the tournament, I will be working with my openings, evaluating positions, doing a lot of tactics and playing some games. I want to be in a good level when I go to Mexico. I know it won’t be an easy contest, but I’ll try it with all my strengths.  ðŸ’ª

By the way, I got a 37 in Puzzle Rush. I still feel I can do it better, but it is fine for now. I have been looking at Nakamura’s score (I think he got like 50 or more), I believe I can beat it, but it is going to take me some years .

Let’s see the game.


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