Double Threat (+ Video)
Double Threat

Double Threat (+ Video)

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Hello my chess friends. As you already know, tactics is a fundamental aspect of the game if you want to raise your level. In this post, I’m going to try to help you to improve explaining these 5 puzzles, where you have to win, using Double Threat. I will be covering other tactic themes in next posts.

In Double Threat (also known as Double Attack), a side is threatening two different things at the same time, what makes it very difficult for the opponent to defend. The threats can be checkmate, other pieces, or just some strong idea.

** (Right click in the question mark (?) to see the solutions, also it’s all explained in the video)

Position 1, White to move

Position 2, Black to move

Position 3, White to move

Position 4, White to move

Position 5, White to move 

In this video you can find variations and explanations of these 5 diagrams.

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Also, it’s important you to know, that if you feel you need to improve some particular tactic idea or theme you can do it on Tactics Trainer, in the options you can select the one you would like to practice (like Double Attack).  

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