Two World Champions and a Masterpiece (+ Video)
Karpov played Re2 here, do you think it's a good move?

Two World Champions and a Masterpiece (+ Video)

FM michechess89

Hi everyone. Since the moment I saw this game at “The Art of Chess Analysis”, by Jan Timman, I knew I had to cover it in my blog and my channel. There is just too much to learn from it. This was played in 1974 between Anatoly Karpov (who would be World Champion one year later (1975-1985) - remember, his opponent, Fischer, wouldn’t defend the title) and Boris Spassky (also World Champion some years earlier (1969-1972)).

In the game we can see that Karpov understands chess in a different and superior way than almost everybody. If you want to learn about open files and weak squares this is the right game. He just improved his position slowly (sometimes with illogical but very strong moves), and when it was the right moment, he finished the work. Enjoy it and leave a comment.  


In this video I analyze the whole game.

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