Training Diary | Chess Cafe Puzzle Book 2 Positional Play - Day 1 of 40

Training Diary | Chess Cafe Puzzle Book 2 Positional Play - Day 1 of 40

FM MichiganEagle
Oct 30, 2017, 8:20 PM |

Four days in a row is enough of any topic. Time to dip into some positional quizzes.

Training in chess is a lot like training at the gym. You have to spread the muscle groups around. You can't just do bicep curls. Unless you're an idiot. And, of course, never skip leg day.

Positional Play. Otherwise known as, "What to do when there aren't any tactics around." Good positional play is centered around the accumulation of small advantages - get enough of these small advantages working in your favor and everything adds up to a big, overall advantage. Sometimes, you need little tactical tricks to gain these small advantages.

I remembered quite a few answers in this test - it seems that it is easier to remember ideas than exact tactical sequences. This actually burned me in the very first puzzle - I MISREMEMBERED the most important concept.

OCTOBER 30, 2017
CHESS CAFE PUZZLE BOOK 2 - Positional Chess
Test 1 First Half - 14/17 pts - 29 Minutes, 30 seconds

10/30/2017 - 29 Minutes 30 Seconds - 14/17 pts

Test #1 - Ongoing

OVERALL TRAINING - 4 hours, 29 Minutes, 30 Seconds

I will always try to add a position to test oneself with the topic at hand - sometimes, like the last few updates, I was rushed for time. Try to list all the positional factors working in Black's favor in the following position, and then suggest a move.