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Alexander Alekhine - My Love for the Legend

Alexander Alekhine - My Love for the Legend

Sep 11, 2017, 6:02 AM 2

Hello Chess Fans! Today, I am going to write about my favourite chess player and show you some of his games. Alexander Alekhine (and Jose Raul Capablanca) was one of the first players to develop a systematic way of playing both Positional and Attacking Chess. He played almost every opening flawlessly and if you would have replaced Kasparov with Alekhine at St.Louis, he'd have certainly won the tournament. Anyway, my love for the legend began when I was analyzing a game from the 1927 World Championship match against Capablanca. Lets have a look at the game -



The next game is also one of my favourites because I share a co-incidence with Alekhine. I played a game in the same variation and after the game, I told my opponent - 'Eating Carrots will Improve Your Chess' and that was exactly what Alekhine said to Nimzowitsch!



I think Alexander Alekhine is the greatest player in the world. Though, Max Euwe defeated him in a match, he regained the title just an year later! From then, he remained undefeated till his death (No one really snatched the title from him). We will get the chance to meet Alekhine again in my blogs, but for now, I think these are 2 really important games you must know.Good Bye till then and Take Care. Almost all of Alekhine's games are instructive, So I propose you study his games from his books. One last thing - I don't know how far 'Eating Carrots will Improve Your Chess' is true but I'm certain that it isn't true that I said so to my opponent or Alekhine said so (I think!) to Nimzowitsch. I was just pulling your leg tongue.png


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