Amateur Chronicles : Opening Overdose

Amateur Chronicles : Opening Overdose

Feb 22, 2018, 1:30 AM |

Hello Friends!

    Who am I? Looks like you've met me somewhere a few months ago... Oh wait! Of course, it's MiddlegamerUmesh. So where was I hiding all these days? What's happening? Well, first of all, the Pro Chess League, which has been a great hit with its second season, has not really been a hit with us bloggers. I have no rights to criticize, but then, with all those reports filled up on the blog homepage, who'd ever spot a different blog among heaps of PCL reports? I do not mean to be rude or impudent. It is my humble request to that all PCL posts are posted as one blog, so that things would be easy for everyone.

     So that was it. We've certainly had an overdose of PCL posts, but then, what's all this talk about Opening Overdose? I've decided to start my Amateur Chronicles series with this topic, because that's what more than half of the world's amateurs are doing - They're taking an overdose of Openings!


Ok..Ok...That's an Exaggeration..

     When my Amateur Chronicles Intro was out, there were many queries from players rated below 1200. I was curious to see if these had something interesting, but there they were, they were all related to the Opening! Here's an answer to all of you - Stop thinking about Openings. If you're reading my blog, I'm sure you must be knowing my fellow blogger too - @chesster3145 . I think that his Everything Openings series is wonderful, but then, he has a good understanding of the Middlegame too, and he tries to do something new instead of memorizing heaps of theory. So, now we're getting closer to the question - What's wrong with learning Openings?


Who's this nutter? He says it's wrong, and then he says nothing's wrong!

     Yes! I say nothing's wrong! Nothing's wrong, only when you don't do it wrong. So when do we do it wrong? Let's have a look.

     In this article , you can read about the unusually strange incident. 

In this position, Radjabov (Black) played 1...Nb4 2.Qd2 Nc6?????? . Later, in the interview, he said that he was trying to follow his notes but couldn't remember where this thing came in. He said  "Of course I looked at the natural move 13...Rc8, but I thought: we're living in the computer era." 

     It is a completely different case where GMs must have a lot of Opening prep to get and edge over their opponents. Of course, Radjabov is a strong Grandmaster and managed to draw the

game. But that's not the case with everyone. They try to mimic the GMs by doing lot of Opening prep, and then completely going bonkers once they're on their own.

    So, Should you stop studying Openings? NO! Now, we'll take a look at the right way of studying openings.

1.Watch Videos First

     Many players take up chess books and start looking at lines once they've decided on an opening. This is going to get you nowhere. The important thing is to learn the ideas in the Opening. Chess videos do exactly the same thing. The masters try to explain to you, the ideas behind the moves, which you can implement in your own games.

2.Master Games

     The next thing you have to do is take a look at master games and try to understand how they play the Middlegames. I like the Everyman Chess Starting Out and Move by Move Series. They take you through lots of games so that you can grasp the middlegame ideas. 

3.Play Blitz Games

     Once you understand the basic ideas of an Opening, play blitz games to try them out. In this way, you encounter new ideas. When you do so, all you do is look up the moves after the game!

     In fact, this is all you have to do until you reach the Master level. Forget about the Opening Prep. Concentrate on Middlegame and Endgame ideas. So, now you know what to do . Right?

See you in my next post!