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My Journey Towards Mastery - A Success!

My Journey Towards Mastery - A Success!

Oct 27, 2017, 7:45 AM 5

Hello Guys! In this second blog of this possibly never ending series, I am here to tell you about my study plan, which I talked about in my previous blog, has been a great success I find time for it and it is an ideal study plan. Today, I would like to talk to you about my progress, and new additions. I think it's enough talking now, so lets begin!

Training Games

        I have not analyzed these games yet, as I am busy analyzing some tournament games (which I will soon talk about). I managed to play 8 games in 3 days. Let us take a look at these games.

Game 1

Game 2

Game 3

Game 4

Game 5

Game 6

Game 7

Game 8

The Opening

        In my previous blog, I talked about my 4 goals in the Opening -

1. The Dutch Stonewall - I haven't had time to go through the book but watched the video series and can certainly play the Stonewall now.

2. The Queen's Gambit Declined - I have gone through the Bf4 lines in this book. I didn't have time to watch the videos on .

3. The French Defense - I watched one video on the tarrasch variation. I found a book - 'Play the French' by John Watson.

4. The Sicilian Defense - I found the book 'Beating the Sicilian' by John Nunn which provides a complete repertoire against the Sicilian based on the Open Sicilian. My plan next week is to go through the Najdorf chapter.

The Bf4 lines in QGD

This is the only line I studied from a 'book' Let us take a look at the games I have gone through.

Game 1

Game 2

Game 3

Game 4

Game 5

These are the games I studied to get an idea of this line, which is becoming popular these days. I hope you learned something. I am sorry I couldn't annotate these games.

The Endgame

        Now, coming to the part I am the weakest at, I started with the 1st and simple topic in rook endgames - pawn on the 7th rank. There were many comments in the last blog saying that the 'Endgame Manual' is tough but I find it relatively easy!

Important Points when the pawn is on the 7th rank

  • When the pawn is on the 7th rank, it is dangerous for the defending side as the pawn is only one move away from promotion. The winning methods include  building a bridge for protection from checks along files and a rook maneuver for protection from side checks, which is the only real defense.
  • When the king of the defensive side is cut of from the pawn, the only defense that exist is side checks along the ranks.
  • The defense by side checks can be successful only when the rook and the pawn are separted by at least 3 lines.
  • A central or bishop pawn divides the board into 2 halves - The shorter side and the long side. The correct defense here is to place the king on the shorter side and the rook on the longer side.

I am sure most of you must be knowing these points, but this kind of a recap for you. After looking at some basic positions like the Lucena, I went on to solve the excercise which was quite tough.

Did you find it tough? Took me more than half an hour!
New Installments to My Study Plan
        Of course, no one's study plan can ever remain the same. It has to keep changing according a player's requirements. My changes are :-
  • Solve 10 Excercises on the Tactics Trainer - In my last blog, I said that I wanted to spend at least one hour doing problems from a book. But since I don't have much time, I have changed it.
  • Solve 2 Positions from the book 'The Best Move' - I must also train to solve not only tactics but also general calculation problems. Therefore, I am going to solve calculation problems to improve my skills.

So, this was all that I wanted to tell you guys. Good luck and Good bye. Thanks for reading .

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