My Journey Towards Mastery - New Year Resolutions

My Journey Towards Mastery - New Year Resolutions

Dec 31, 2017, 11:28 PM |

Hello Friends! Happy New Year! May you all stay blessed! . This New Year is a special one for me. You want to know why? Before I proceed, let me talk about resolutions. Every one has a resolution to make at the start of the year and this year is no exception. Read this article by GM Serper to know more about these resolutions. Anyway, getting back to the topic, why is this New Year so special for me? Because it's the first time I'm making resolutions! Without waiting anymore, let's take a look at what these resolutions are.

1.Analyze all my games with full effort

     To be honest, I've never really analyzed my games completely. I just go over the Opening and blunder-check the game to see if I missed any tactics. I hereby make this resolution that I will analyze every OTB game I play and also look at my openings in blitz games.

2.Go through classic books whole-heartedly

     I usually read books on openings. Though these help me, they are not really improving my game. Therefore, I make a resolution to go over classic chess books by the old masters with an aim of learning something from them.

3.Analyze master games

     Studying master games is a part of my study but I always study annotated master games. I recently got to know that analyzing master games whole-heartedly is really helpful. So, I have made a resolution to analyze one master game per month.


1.Increase 200 Rating Points

2.Win a Prize in an Open Tournament

3.Getting decent scores in Untitled Tuesday and Daily Chess Championship

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