My Study Plan

My Study Plan

Sep 9, 2017, 7:50 AM |

Hello Chess Fans! Before you read what I'm going to tell you, just take a deep breath and do not stop breathing, because if you do, then you might end up in the graveyard without reading this blog. Those of you who read the title (How nice of you.... wink.png) might be thinking what is it that matters a lot about this blog, but just keep reading (Are you?) because what seems like 'My Study Plan' is actually the example of an ideal Study Plan. I am going to keep following this Plan till my next tournament. What about after the next tournament? Try to remember what I mean from one of my previous blogs. Anyway, my Study Plan is a 'Daily' study plan and here's how it goes :-


1. It is said that - 'Chess is 99% Tactics'

        Though this is a bit of exaggeration, it is true that tactics are an important aspect of chess. One tactic can change the nature of the whole game. It is therefore important that we keep improving our tactical vision and keep it active. Both can be done by doing tactics at least for 10 mins a day. I have decided to devote half an hour of my time to tactics. I am going to use the books - 'The Complete Chess Workout' and 'Winning Chess Tactics' for this purpose.


2. 'To Improve in Chess, You Should First Study the Endgame'- Jose Raul Capablanca

        To me, it doesn't matter if I study the Endgame first or not, but according to my Analysis, my weakest part of the Game is the Endgame. To study the Endgame, I am going to use the book - 'Dvoretsky's Endgame Manual'. I'm going to study 2 aspects of the Endgame everyday and solve Ten Excercises.


3. The Opening and The Middlegame

        You might be wondering why I included 'The Opening' and 'The Middlegame together. The Middlegame is a vast Subject and we must not waste our time learning about Middlegames that will rarely arise in our games. It is, hence, important that the Opening and the Middlegame are studied together. The way to do this is by studying annotated games of a particular opening which you will mostly find in books. There are 2 reasons why I am not mentioning the Books I am going to use and they are :-

1. There are a lot of Openings I need to Study and There are lot of books I need to read

2. Who knows? You might be my opponent one day and I would seldom want to run into your prep!


I hope you have an idea of how you've got to study chess. In my next few blogs, I am going to update you with my progress and give you some tips. Till then, good bye and one piece of advise - Don't Stop Breathing wink.png.