Should You Play Blitz?

Should You Play Blitz?


Whew.........I'm writing this as I just reached 1900 blitz on after a lot of ups and downs . I've been playing a lot of blitz lately, with the aim of reaching 2000 rating on, and this's almost become an addiction for me. I know I've been a blitz maniac this week, and hopefully, I can change! And, before I go any further, I would like you to have a look at my game vs. @GeorgMeier .


Was I bad? I was worse

As you can see, I could've done better in the opening and the early middlegame. If I'd not analyzed this game, I'd have repeated in the same way when I faced it another time. So, Check and learn the opening theory and middlegame plans after each blitz game(s).


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This was a great tournament for me, although the diamond is only for 1st place. You can take a look at all of my games .
I had a bad start with 1.5/4, and fell quite behind the others. I thought I could still make a comeback though, and I did! . I went 6.5/7, and then missed my chance to get 1st as the arena ended. So, here, we've got our next important thing to remember - Do not think you're bad just because you've done bad in a few games. Your thoughts affect the way you play. This might not seem important at all, but it really is. When you think you're bad, you play out of desperation. When you're positive, you play like your normal self, and have fun . It's really important to be positive all the time, especially when you're playing something like blitz, where you need your intuition .


Never heard of it? It's a new PCL team, trying to qualify for the 2020 season . Click here to join the club and participate in our next arena on Saturday 1.00 PM UTC. This arena was a great one for me, I'd woken up at 3.00 AM to play this, and lost all the games I played! My peak rating of 1945 collapsed and went back to 1800s. Usually, I'd have kept playing in desperation to get my rating points back (in vain), but I decided to stop then, and I think that's what I was supposed to do . We're supposed to play chess for fun, not out of desperation When you're tired / anxious / moody /desperate, DO NOT PLAY, solve exercises, etc. These require complete focus. So, the best thing to do when you're on a tilt, would be stop playing, and relax . You can look at my (awful) game below .
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You sure should! Here are my 'rules' that're to be followed while playing online blitz  -

  • Always remember to analyze the opening theory and middlegame plans after blitz games.
  • The best way to get better at blitz is to solve a lot of tactics!
  • Do not feel desperate while playing blitz online, have fun
  • Do not play blitz when you're tired and exhausted
  • Have no fear! Sac pawns, attack! Trust your intuition!
  • Learn to recognize a lot of patterns  patterns are the key in blitz
  • Suggestions are welcome in the comments

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