Training Time : Time Trouble?

Training Time : Time Trouble?

Apr 7, 2018, 3:44 AM |

Hello Friends!

      In my previous post, we learnt about what training is, and how simple (and not simple ) it can be. In this post, we're going talk about something else - Time Trouble. We all know about Grischuk's time trouble, but we're not so good at managing it as Grischuk is. Time management is very important whether it is inside or outside chess and today, we're going to be talking about time trouble outside chess!

      In the last post, we talked about study, practice and analysis. But did I ever take time to think if you had enough time to do everything? No, or not at least until now, and I apologize. In this post, we're going to discuss how you can manage to train at chess with the little amount of time you have. Lets Go!

Tactics are a must!

    And there's no way around that. You can use the , but there is no substitute for solving problems on a real board. If you have just half an hour on weekends, use it just for tactics! 

Opening Mastery

    Many players who have a lot of time and have dedicated themselves to chess (like me! ) analyze a lot of different openings, and try different weapons in their games. But this is not the case for busy players - unfortunately, you can't waste your time study openings. Just take up a thematic opening that fits your style, take up a book and learn the lines, keep going through annotated master games, and of course, play them in your own games.

Capablanca's Secret

    And here we go - the Endgame! The Endgame is never connected with a particular opening, and where you might not be able to prove an advantage in the Opening or the Middlegame, you might be able to outplay your opponent in the endgame by using your deeper knowledge.

Practice makes a man perfect!

    Play slow games to apply your knowledge. The best way to so would be to join Chess Hierarchy and participate in our Training Tournaments every month . After playing your game, find some time to analyze it. Analysis is always an important concept. You never lose when you learn

That is all for today . Though never forget that the harder you work, the better the reward. 

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