Training Time with Middlegamer!

Training Time with Middlegamer!

Mar 31, 2018, 1:29 AM |

Hello Friends!

     Congratulations to @FabianoCaruana for winning the Candidates at Berlin. It has been great to follow the Candidates this year and as @MagnusCarlsen tweeted, it was a well deserved victory. But..... That wasn't something what the title suggested, right? Maybe not, but before we go further, I'll narrate a small story to you -

" There was this kid aged 6. His father and uncles loved playing chess and wanted to teach him chess. Though half reluctant, he agreed. They did teach him how the pieces move and that was it - he didn't again meet the game until he was 11 years old. He was playing chess with one of his uncles, and was losing repeatedly. He wanted to beat his uncle. So, he started watching youtube videos about chess, and soon started to play well. It was at this point when he decided something - HE WILL BE THE WORLD CHAMPION ONE DAY! And here, the story ends. "

      So, who was that kid? Was it @MagnusCarlsen ? Not likely... Was it @FabianoCaruana ? Maybe..... But no, the kid was me, @MiddlegamerUmesh , now 3 years older than when I made that decision. It wasn't until 2 years later that I understood the importance of hardwork, and eventually training in chess and it is that, which I've learnt, which I would like to present before you in this blog. So come on - lets get started

     Just take minute to take a look at Chess Hierarchy, A club which was made for creating awareness about chess training, and now we have even started a training program!

     So.... Where were we? Oh right! I was talking about how I realized the importance of Training. More importantly, the importance of systematic training. Always remember, the main goal of training is to improve at chess - and you can only improve at chess when you train the right way. And what is this right way? @MiddlegamerUmesh is here to tell you !

   In Chess Hierarchy, I introduced the concept of Study - Practice - Analyze . To put it in a simple way, you study chess concepts ( which are right for you), play practice games to apply the concepts you have learnt, analyze these games to see where you went wrong. In this way, you are doing 2 things that will improve your chess -

1. Adding Positives

2. Eliminating Negatives

   This simple way of training - alas! - is not so simple as it seems. And again, Middlegamer to the rescue! ( Ok.... That's a bit too modest ). I am here to make things simple for you. Well.... what's this muddle? Simple , Not Simple, Simple..... Lets try to get out of this!

   ( P.S. :- I am not covering the whole Study-Practice-Analyze program. Please read my article in Chess Hierarchy)

     To really understand what is right for you to study, you must have some experience with this kind of systematic training. Eventually, after a few weeks of analyzing your games, you'll be getting to know yourself much better. For this, I recommend evaluating yourself on a weekly, monthly and periodic basis (A Topic which I will come to later). By getting to know yourself, I mean that you are well aware of your Strengths, Weaknesses, Comfort, etc. Then, you will be able to shift your concentration on different topics according to your requirement.


     Let us suppose you play and analyze one game per week ( Want to find competitive opponents? Start playing Chess Hierarchy Training Tournaments today! ). You make a report of the analysis by noting down the mistakes and reviewing the opening. But one game doesn't tell you much, does it? After a month, make another report again, this time combining all the games together to make a list of the general weaknesses and mistakes that happen often, etc. By this process, you get to know yourself better as I said before. Again, after a period that you have set for yourself (For me, it is the period between to OTB tournaments) make another evaluation of yourself. This time, make a note of the areas where you have improved, where you need improvement and a general report of your strengths and weaknesses. On the whole, try to find patterns behind your mistakes and rectify them.

And that's all for today friends . Be sure to let me know what you think in the comments below.

( Note :- This was my debut on the homepage . Wish me good luck