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Christmas in September..  A Festive Pawn Formation Appears  :)

Christmas in September.. A Festive Pawn Formation Appears :)

Sep 24, 2017, 8:57 PM 0

Sometimes strange pawn formations appear and you can only take awe when it happens.  happy.png  


In this particular game black played passively in the opening with e6, c6, h6 (maybe similar to an Old Indian?) allowing white to grab the center and get a nice space advantage.  Despite it being only September, this lead to what I can only call the "Christmas Tree Pawn Formation".  Thought it was pretty and gave white a nice center, White breaks through with the move f4, creates a weakness on c5 and excitement ensues.


Black first stirs up trouble when their knight comes to the beautiful f4 square and when a rook joins in white's King had to test his skills at dodging checkmates! Barely surviving the attack white limps into an interesting end game where anything can happen.



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