Standard #44:  The Face Off (2nd chance against my old coach!)

Standard #44: The Face Off (2nd chance against my old coach!)


Hi, Stacia here!  

This week I played my first round of the Parma Championships at the Parma Chess Club, a series of G90 games, one per week for 7 weeks.  I thought I would share this USCF rated tournament game because it was my second tournament game ever against my old coach, Jim Antoline.  I actually faced him in the same tournament last year in the same line and achieved the better side of a draw, so definitely was looking to prove something this game.  

Jim Antoline likes to play the Dlugy Variation of the Benko Gambit with an early f3 threatening to establish a monster pawn chain with e4 and take control of the b5 square.  This can be a challenging line to face and one where you should break with e6, to strike back in the center.  The way the game went though, the more normal Benko plans looked appealing on the queenside so I proceeded with pressuring the queenside pawns.  This results in tactics!  (not my strong point lol)  Who is the better player?  Watch and find out!    

Full analysis in the video.  

I hope you enjoyed and learned something with me!


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