Watch out for this nasty trap in the Slav Exchange!

Jul 16, 2017, 2:36 PM |

It seems like the Slav Exchange has a bit of a boring reputation at the top level, and the database does show it is quite drawish, but at the lower levels (I'm 1500) I find the Slav Exchange to be a great opening with lots of ideas and even TRAPS and in the video I share a particularly nasty one (computer approved too!).   If you play this as white, I know you will take great pleasure in playing the move Qb3! at the proper moment!  It truly is satisfying. happy.png  And if you play this as black, then certainly you'll want to know about this if you don't already.  


This trap is pretty common too I would say.  I've played it at least 10 times in just the last couple months and I even got it once OTB in a USCF rated event!  My opponant was none too happy and resigned after move 11 in a rapid game.  Enjoy!  And if you are a higher rated player please do feel free to share anything I might have missed.  I love doing these videos because its fun, but I also hope to learn and my hope is others will learn as well.  And please do consider liking my video and subscribing to my channel.  I would very much appreciate it!   happy.png


Thank you!


-Stacia  happy.png


Edit:  Here is the PGN of the double check mate.