The Greek Gift : Basic Ideas

The Greek Gift : Basic Ideas

Apr 11, 2018, 11:53 PM |

Off course! I am not here to speak of Greek legends. In this post , we are going to look at the Greek gift  in chess  , also quite well known as the  Classic Bishop sacrifice .  Although well known since the  16th century (!) , it crops up in many different shapes and sizes , and is seen even in Super Grand Master circuits nowadays! Okay , so let the play speak for itself. 


The  Greek :

The player who makes this sac , need not be a Greek himself! But here , we refer to the player as the Greek .

The Gift:

No doubt about it . The king's bishop is the star of the show , but neverthless , we cunningly present to our enemy , it , as the Gift .




Before we go any more deep , lets see when it was born!


                                                                      THE GRE(CO)EK  GIFT . 

Nowadays king - hunts are more rare , but the tactics are the same.

A hyper modern example is a game by me :


But , this bishop sac can occur by  different ways. But leave that for another day! Today for basics!


Now a game by GM Alexie Shirov :


The basic Sac requires certain  Elements . they are only general rules with plenty of exeptions , but are required for the basic combination. They are :

The knight jump to g5.

Queen coming into the attack.

The pawn on e5.


Now , some    PUZZLES!


For now , Bye - Bye!!!