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2 Rooks with 2 Bishops Versus 2 Rooks with 1 Queen

2 Rooks with 2 Bishops Versus 2 Rooks with 1 Queen

Jul 18, 2017, 8:28 AM 0

2 Rooks with 2 Bishops Versus 2 Rooks with 1 Queen

In chess, it is not easy having your opponent a queen in board against your active 2 bishops. Sometimes you might say " How can i win without my queen or my other pieces will be trap soon?" or " What should I do to make my pieces active from other squares? ".

It is difficult to conclude when you say that if  you are queenless or down a piece will result of losing the game. But if you are confident and have the courage to play and manage your active pieces, you can win. No human can play perfectly but can you do a good move or make the best move when you have no queens at all. Sometimes people are avoiding to give their major piece which is the QUEEN, so this means when you are afraid losing your precious queen early in the game and you cannot play well without it. You better go back in the basic play of chess and to know the useful from other major and minor pieces.

Finding your own active squares to develop your other minor and major pieces will actually led you to a better position. When you know your opponent is lack of strategy and tactics in middlegame or endgame , you can have the advantage on it. It depends how you will play the active squares and to understand the usefulness in every piece of chess in the board. There is a quote say "A piece that defends a pawn or another piece, particularly when it controls few squares, is called a passive piece.  A piece that attacks another pawn or piece, particularly when it controls many squares, is called an active piece." it says focus on attack and defense which we will consider on this quotation.

Just remember don't be afraid if you are exchanging or losing your queen earlier or later from your opponent but to learn on how to play from other pieces without your queen. Just stay focus and think positive in the game. And you will learn and improve your chess skills in the future.

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