Wood Pushing?

Mar 21, 2009, 8:21 PM |

Hello Chess.com

It is nice to be back, as though I actually left. While not focused on chess.com, I spent the early part of the year with friends and family in San Francisco. The Bay Area always leaves me empty following the holiday. As a "Mainer" at heart, I find it difficult to look at the palm trees covered in lights, fake snow men and icicles, and those super lame blow-up Santas. Regardless, I had the chance to play lots of chess. I saw my rating for online chess develop well into the upper 1700s. Alas, a common phenomenon occurred, the readjustment.

Call it what you will. We all go through large fluctations in rating. I do. I once took the time to assess my slow rating on the ICC. It turned-out my rating fluctuates consistently within about 200 points over thousands of games. Wow, 200 points, are you kidding me. What is that about, sleep, diet, mood; who knows?

I think for all of us this phenomenon is real. The cause different, maybe, but real. For me, I get bored..yup bored with chess. I stop calculating, and play by instinct..Sure, I beat players much weaker than me, but I consistently lose to players at my strength or above..no progress is made. I become a Wood Pusher.

Are you a Wood Pusher, pushing around the pieces without taking the time to think out the position, tactic, or strategy? As Spring arrives, I always feel the need and chance to reassess and move forward, positively. Time to stop, reassess, and move forward with new ideas and resolve.