Regional Champioship

Regional Champioship


For past 3 days I have participated in my first ever chess tour in our regional championship. 1st day 2 games (because the matches started at 8 pm, I lost the 1st and won the 2nd, who was a champion), 2nd day 4 games (which I had head ache in and totally lost 3 winning positions, and just won the 1st, the 3rd and last day 3 games ( won the first on time, and the 2nd one beautifully without queen and by the opponent's mistake), and conceded the 3rd one before match for it was no use for me becoming 52nd among 105 players, since I had a situation among those top players like the picture.

But now I want to show you the position I had without queen. I won 2 matches without queen. First I wanted to put them as puzzle but found another way to both understand the position and avoid testing moves. 

I show the first match as puzzle:


It has comments on it, you can view them after you solved the puzzle.

 And now about the second one which I love so much. This is what I want you to do. First, solve the puzzle to understand the position, and then, there is another puzzle in which you must determine the winning move for my opponent (white). And instead of giving you a 3rd puzzle indicating my winning moves, I want you to put diagrams in comments to show y winning moves(this way we avoid testing moves), and after the comments reached to 10, I will provide the right answer:

what is the winning move for my opponent (white)? :







Now here is the final position diagram, instead of that winnig move he (not sure why) put rook behind the "g" pawn, show me my winning moves in your Brilliant diagrams:

see what time pressure does?