2016 Junior High National Championships-The Conclusion

Jan 25, 2018, 10:32 PM |

After I finished one of the best games of my life, I came out to greet my mom as we celebrated. Then, later, I saw my friend and teammate, NM Joseph Wan. We went over the game together and talked chess. Later, some of our friends got together to play bughouse. That was one of my most enjoyable moments that I experienced in quite a while. Joseph, myself, Trung, Tan, Danial Asaria, Christopher Shen (Who had to remind me of my previous loss to him when I was winning LOL), and others took part in a free for all bughouse. I later saw my round 4 opponent, Ryo Lindsey, congratulating on my win. He had a great tournament, pulling off several upsets and finishing with 4.5/7 and went up at least 100 points! Later, Joseph and I wondered if Northwest Junior High would finish in the top 10. We had been huge underdogs going into the tournament. As we waited for the final standings, I later found out that I had a chance to finish in the top 25. Later, the winners board came out. I scanned, and there, in the last spot for the top 25, the 77 seed, there was, Michael Takahashi. I jumped up and down, and went crazy as I finally came through when it mattered at a national event. I remembered my devastating loss to the 700 and contrasted the emotions I felt then to now. Also, Northwest Junior High finished 8th, its second best finish in school history. Quite an accomplishment for a team that had an average rating of about 1591! As I went up onto the stage to receive my trophy, I had a sense of accomplishment. Northwest Junior High, my dream school when I was only 8 years old was becoming a dream come true.  I did it. The best result in Michael chess history.