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January Thaw, Round 5: The Bozone Variation

Jan 28, 2014, 1:04 AM 0

Once again I find myself having possibly too recently finished a pint of beer while starting a game against a tough opponent. This time it was something called a "Bozone." The combined effect of the Bozone and an unfamiliar third move from my opponent resulted in an opening that I'm certain you won't find in any recommended book or database. I was facing one of the higher seeds, an 1800 player with a conspicuous and friendly southern accent, and had the black pieces. Due to the strange opening and the queens coming off the board early the rest of the game was a long, grinding, positional struggle to develop, castle and find some seem of advantage. It wasn't apparent at first, but after further analysis the position in which my opponent resigned (mostly in light of his having twenty five seconds on his clock to my twenty five minutes) was indeed a win for black.


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