Today's tactical tricks 18.07.2015

Jul 18, 2015, 1:51 AM |

It's time for the third post of my new series.

Three new puzzles for you to enjoy. Have fun.

Puzzle 1 (Easy) White to move (Actual game line)
Black is in a really bad shape already, but how did I convince him to finally resign?

Puzzle 2 (Medium) White to move and draw(Actual game line)

Puzzle 3 (Hard) Black to move (Possible continuation)
This position was reached after I played Bxf7. Do you see what black should have played to at least equalize the position?

As mentioned in the analysis I had trusted the move 34. Bh6 to be winning after Nxe6. Isn't it amazing how patzers can see that black can play Nxe6 but then fails to see that in just two moves the knight lands on f7 and blockades everything. Well, I hope I'll get better..
See you tomorrow!