Why I love unrated games

Why I love unrated games

Dec 6, 2008, 7:19 PM |

Unrated game is game of chess that is not rated ( It's very obvious, I'm sureWink), so if you win or lose, it won't affect your rating.

Well, I love to play chess rated or unratedĀ  of course , but I love to play unrated games more ! Why?

Here are several reasons why I like to play unrated games:

1. The first and foremost reason for me is because you don't have to care about your rating, and in my opinion this positively boost my quality of play.

2. Another fun thing about unrated games is that you can try experimenting openings or risky tactics or strategy that you don't normally play in the rated games, and this often leads to an interesting positions.

3. It is easier to focus to play your best and play great game rather than focusing how to win, and it's an amazing feeling to have :)

4. Easier to think calmly.

5. And last, but not least, it's okay if you timeout ( No, no, I'm just kidding Sealed)

So, the reasons above are the reasons why I love unrated games ( Forget about point number 5, I just wrote it because I'm running out of idea )

Cheers, and have fun ! Thanks for reading my weird blog :)