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"Chess is for kids. Don't waste your time".

"Chess is for kids. Don't waste your time".

Jan 1, 2017, 10:42 AM 1

You may or may not know James Altucher but his blog has a huge following. James is featured in Tim Ferris's new book "Tools of titans". He also sports a 2200+ USCF rating.

What struck me was his re-telling of a story. Stuck a bit in life, he went to see his friend. Shocked to see James play a lot of chess, he told him the game was for kids. Leave it to the kids. Stop wasting time and get rich. James did exactly that!

Now I wonder if chess is just a distraction keeping me from getting rich. I will never turn pro, except as chess coach. There is money to be made elsewhere.

I love chess. I still study it because I am still relatively weak; even though my daily chess rating is in the 99.9% percentile.

But to get rich, my focus has to be elsewhere......

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