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Boston Chess Congress: Push for the Clock!

Boston Chess Congress: Push for the Clock!

Jan 12, 2016, 7:20 AM 0

Good morning everyone!

This past weekend I played in the Boston Chess Congress. Playing against a much tougher level of competition, I quickly found that many of my games were dictated by the clock, and decided that for today’s video, I’d share how time played a role in my first victory over a 2300+ rated opponent.

On a whole, I feel like I underperformed at 1/4, but I got a lot of much-needed experience. In round 2, I got to play my English against Grandmaster Dani Raznikov, but unfortunately, G/60 proved too short for me to keep up. In my final round (I had a half point bye in round 5), I got a completely winning position against a 2200, but just like the first game, time was the deciding factor, and I was on the wrong side. Live by the sword, die by the sword.

With the Liberty Bell Open in Philadelphia this weekend, I have a lot of new material to look at as I look to improve from my last showing on the eastern side of the state last Thanksgiving. Without further ado, here is the ending of my first round game:

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