Challenger's Corner: Catching up with National Master Beilin Li

Challenger's Corner: Catching up with National Master Beilin Li


After an extended Thanksgiving Break from streaming, I was joined by NM Beilin Li on Challenger's Corner last Monday night to kick things back off. As some of you may know, Beilin and I are Chess^Summit coauthors, and were roommates last year in Pittsburgh. Now on break from his work at Google in California, Beilin flew across the country to pay the stream a special visit (or so I'd like to think ) and try his hand at some longer time controls. As a result, we got some interesting opening experiments and some new looks for the stream - let's get started!

Four Move Trap in the Bishop's Opening!

I knew that Beilin was a devout Bishop's Opening player (1 e4 e5 2 Bc4), but he got a chance to show off some theoretical knowledge when Black made this common move order mistake:

To be honest, I actually wasn't that familiar with this idea for White - 4. Qg4! is a really strong move and I could see a lot of club players fall for this idea. Bookmark this idea, you never know when you might use it in your own games  Here's the video clip from the stream:

Experimenting with the Bogo Indian

It was quite unfortunate that we couldn't win this game, but I felt that Beilin and I gave a really instructive breakdown of the various strategies that Black should take on. I figure for this section, it makes sense to prime you with the highlight from the opening before diving into the critical position:

So what happened? Every streamers kryptonite, time trouble, played a factor - but no excuses! Here's where the opening left off:

An unfortunate ending for us, but definitely a vote of confidence for the Bogo-Indian opening for Black. Keeping an eye on the pawn structures played to our strength, and Black got a really nice position (before blowing it away )...

Full Stream and More

Missed the stream? Make sure to follow me on Twitch so you can get email notifications when I go live! I've added the full stream here in full so you can check out all the action:

My next stream will be on Wednesday at 11am EST! I'll be back on my regular schedule once the Arena Kings Streamers Championship ends, but I'm hoping to meet some new faces on stream