Challenger's Corner: Stream Highlight and Opening Secrets!

Challenger's Corner: Stream Highlight and Opening Secrets!

Sep 11, 2018, 11:43 AM |

Had a great stream last night, as I broke a lot of my own personal streaming records  roughly 1,150 viewers at some point tuned in last night, so it was great to see a lot of new players watching Challenger's Corner and asking me questions throughout the stream about chess improvement.

English Opening Secret Revealed!

I had a lot of instructive positional moments, but my favorite game was a quick fight in the Mikenas-Carls where some of my old preparation helped me steer the game into favorable waters. The Mikenas Carls Opening is not super common, but can be achieved by the move order 1. c4 Nf6 2. Nc3 e6 3. e4:

This is a respectable option for White, because playing 3. d4 gives Black the opportunity to change the opening into a QGD, Nimzo, Benoni, Queen's Indian ... I think you guys get the picture. White sidesteps all of this with 3. e4. You'll need to do some preparation for the main lines, but you can get a head start on's Opening Explorer.

Luckily enough, I finally got this on stream and won a nice game. Here's a sneak peak at how dangerous this opening can be:

Battle of Waterloo

In other news, my Vote Chess match has taken off, and you can still join my "Battle of Waterloo" Challenge here on Already over 1800 players have signed up... can we hit 2000? The game is still in the opening, so there's still a lot of chess left.

The next voting deadline for Black will be this Thursday afternoon. 

Want to watch the stream in it's entirety? You can watch the stream in full below:

Next stream: Tuesday, September 18th at 8PM to 10PM EST

Unfortunately, my show conflicts with a stream on my usual time this upcoming Monday, so I'll be on next Tuesday from 8 to 10PM EST. Don't worry Monday viewers, I've booked my usual spot for September 24th and it should be back to normal from there

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