Challenger's Corner: Using Harry in the Anti-Grünfeld!

Challenger's Corner: Using Harry in the Anti-Grünfeld!

Jul 3, 2018, 1:20 PM |

What's an Anti-Grunfeld? This might be a good starting point  In this Anti-Grunfeld, White delays d2-d4 so that when Black inserts ...d7-d5, the same strategic ideas are not accessible to him. I've had a few chances to play this opening, but I'm pretty sure this is my first time on stream. 

In Challenger's Corner last night and got a pretty good central hold after my opponent played ...h7-h5. After my opponent chose ...Nc6-a5?!, it was an uphill fight the rest of the way through:

I actually had played this before at the Pittsburgh Chess Club and discussed that game on Chess^Summit last year. This time, Black let me push the h-pawn, after which my queen and rook teamed up to dominate the enemy monarch. 

I've shared that game below with my original comments. I thought it was really instructive how Black is already close to lost after 8...c5?:

What I like about this h2-h4 line is that White doesn't need to know a lot of theory to execute the key ideas. One of two things usually happen - White gets to play h4-h5 and unleash an attack, or Black responds with ....h7-h5, and the g5 square becomes liability. There might actually be some serious strategic benefits to playing with Harry...

Remember how I brought up MVL on stream? Yeah, even he has struggled against this line on a big stage:

I actually remember watching this game live while I was in my AP Government class back in high school instead of doing some assignment in the computer lab... Jakovenko put on a masterclass, and I was completely mesmerized by this h2-h4 idea. Now it's a lot more common, but I attribute my knowledge of this line to this game. In other words, thanks Mr. U!

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