Chess^Summit and Team up for the Candidates Sweepstakes!
Over 60% of the entries so far have Aronian as their top pick!

Chess^Summit and Team up for the Candidates Sweepstakes!

Mar 9, 2018, 11:18 AM |

I am really excited about this year's Candidates Sweepstakes, as Chess^Summit and are collaborating to create a new pick'em promotion where you can win Diamond Memberships. I've been a writer at Chess^Summit for nearly four years, and having recently joined the stream team, it's really exciting to see my past and my future come together to work on this project!


If you haven't had a chance to enter this year's sweepstakes, there's still time before we stop taking submissions at 5:59 AM EST tomorrow morning! So, how does this work?


1) Bonus Booster:

Rank the players based on how you think they will finish this Candidates Tournament! The higher you rank a player, the more they will be worth towards your final score, so choose wisely - picking the wrong winner could be costly!

2) Freebies:

Or are they? In this section we give you ten tough questions, totalling up to 50 points towards your submission. Will checkmate be delivered on the board? How many Berlins will be played in Berlin? How many times will Anish Giri tweet about the Candidates? You've got to make the call - so buckle up!




The top five finishers will win a 3-month Diamond Membership to!

Where Can I Play?:

Figured to be nice, I'd just link this here - to follow the live results, check out our home-page on Chess^Summit to see how you are doing against your friends!


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