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Loving my New Chess Gig!

Loving my New Chess Gig!

May 7, 2017, 8:34 AM 2

Hi everyone! grin.png You guys might know me from my video summaries with IM Kostya Kavutskiy from the Reykjavik Open, or maybe you're cool enough to know about my free press chess website, Chess^Summit, that shares weekly instructive and relatable articles written by players of various strengths from across the United States! Well, this week, I'm happy to be adding that I'll be working for ChessOpeningsExplained.com as well - a new opening training site for tournament players, run by my coach, GM Eugene Perelshteyn!


ChessOpeningsExplained is a new site with some really cool features that can help you become a stronger player. If you're familiar with GM Perelshteyn's work, he brings his two books two life: Chess Openings for White, Explained, and Chess Openings for Black, Explained. On this platform you can get the book PGNs, watch GM Perelshteyn's videos, and ask him questions directly about the opening repertoire. What I really like about this site is that between Eugene's new videos and the user-submitted questions, the site stays up to date with modern theory, thus acting like your very own virtual second! I could go on and on about the site, but for $5, you can try the site out for a month and see if you like ithappy.png


As chess.com members, you guys are probably familiar with GM Perelshteyn's videos here on the King's Indian, but he also has a Youtube Channel with free video content as well! While not as in-depth as the site, there's a lot of instructive videos there - for instance, check out this video on the Alapin Sicilian he came out with just yesterday:

As the social media manager for the site, I'll be posting to Twitter, as these videos come, so you'll want to make sure to follow us here! If you are familiar with Chess^Summit at all, you've probably seen some of Eugene's Chess^Summit videos as well. As someone who plays 1. c4 and has an unadulterated love for the English, I think I'm more or less obliged to share this video grin.png

So that's what I've been up to lately - that and moving to Pittsburgh now that my three month European Chess Tour has come to an end. Of course, you'll be seeing a lot of me on Chess^Summit in the near future, but I hope you check out ChessOpeningsExplained as well!

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