My comeback to Chess! (...and other extras)


After my second hiatus,lasting around six months,I decided to come back and play chess once again. And this time,I will stay here till the end (unless something happends :) ) Well,I realised that I lost about 300 rating points after losing a lot of games (especially tournament ones) on time. So,it's time to get back to where I was.


The first game that I played after coming back to chess was this: 

Apparently,my opponent (just this morning singapore time) decided to resign all of his correspondence games,including mine. So,clearly,there is still unfinished business in this game. At the last position (move 22),the game was still equal,but the advantage is going towards black. How should I continue this game if my opponent didn't resign from this game? Obviously,I will be forced to move my bishop on my next move but what comes next? ) my (just created) Chesscube section,we have this game (an old one :P):
And RIP Steve Jobs .  :(