Who are you ??

Who are you ??

Aug 10, 2014, 9:36 AM |

"If you are not aware of who you can not be love.'ll Be afraid. Fear is just the opposite of love. Remember, hate is not the opposite of love, as people believe, the hate is love turned upside down, not is the opposite of love.

The real opposite of love is fear: in love one expands, in fear one shrinks, in fear you are closed, opens in love, in fear one doubts, trust in love, in fear one feels alone in the love disappears, so it's not a question of loneliness at all.

When one is, how can you be lonely? Then the trees, the birds, the clouds, the sun and the stars are still within you. Love is when you meet your inner paradise ...

Children are free of fear, born without fear. If society can support them, help them climb trees, climb mountains and swim in oceans and rivers, if you can help in any way possible to become adventurers, adventurers of the unknown, if you can create a search instead of giving beliefs dead, then the children will become great lovers of life.

Meditate, dance, sing, and delves deeper into yourself. Listen more closely to birds. Look at the flowers with respect, marvel, do not accumulate knowledge, things do not go labeling. That is knowledge: the great art of label everything, categorize everything.

From now on, start learning to play the flute or guitar. Meet with people, mingle with it, so as you can, because through each person shows a different face of God. Learn from the people. Do not fear, this life is not your enemy. This protects you from existence, is willing to help in any way possible.

If you trust, you will begin to feel a new source of energy in you that energy is love. That energy wants to bless the whole existence, because in that energy you feel blessed. And when you feel blessed, what else can you do but bless all existence?

" Love is a deep desire to bless all existence. "

~ Nayla Zahwa ~