Pets And Chess -- Submit Your Photo!

Pets And Chess -- Submit Your Photo!

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Did you know...?

Alexander Alekhine, the fourth World Chess Champion was always accompanied at tournaments by his good friend "Chess" the cat. During games, his favorite feline would rest in Alekhine's lap... (I wish players could bring their pets to tournaments today.)

 Who knows, maybe his cat was behind the brilliant combinations! Try to play like Alekhine in the diagram below (to feel like real Alekhine, try it with a pet in your lap!): 

 Here's to hoping that our pets make us into better chess players! My cat always includes himself in my training sessions. Meet Mark!

Submit your pets and chess photos below Laughing 

The five best photos will win one month of diamond access to, or a one-month extension of diamond! Original photos only please, and include the name of your pet. staff (and yours truly) will pick the winners -- the deadline is March 14!

- IM Nazi Paikidze