Ankit-Sakshi Memorial Chess tournament 2015

Ankit-Sakshi Memorial Chess tournament 2015

Nov 25, 2015, 10:35 PM |

It was very good tournament for me .I make a draw position against 2000+ but in time pressure I lost. Lets see the brief surmmery of the games.

In the first round I faced a old aged people of around 60. He had black pieces and he tried sicillian Najdorf against me .  I am a big fan of Adams attack so I played h3 , he was surprised because it looks silly and its out of the main line . Its just a surprise sideline for white . Many strong GMs use it as a surprise weapon many times. Lets looks at the game.It was a dead draw but he blunded in endgame and he gave his important pawn of the queenside and lost.

In the second round I faced a very bad player and  I won again with a simple attack. In the game he tried Maroczy bind with Bg2 .That time I thought he is just playing for a draw and I was also prepared for it . I also played a decent system with Nh6 .A surprise weapon against the maroczy bind setup. In the endgame  he made few mistakes and lost.

In the 3rd round I was very excited because it was the 2nd time in my life when I faced a player of 2000+ he was very seriuos person .Before game I already told him about my coach and he said my coach is very kind person. He decided to go with the Caro Kann I was not prepared for white pieces that time so I simply decided to follow up the basic principles . I just decided to develope my pieces to the most active squares. In the opening I played a mistake . I destroyed my castle king position and decided to play with the doubled pawns on f file because I felt scared from his centeralised queen.It was not a good plan which I chose that time but still white has no problems at all. In the endgame I only got 1 min left and in time pressure I did not find good continuation for my side.I made a wrong decision.That time I thought his king will enter into my camp and take my pawns easily because of my passive rook but I fogot that if he tries to enter then first I have a chance to activate my rook with check .This simple plan I forgot and lose.Anyway after the game he said to me that u played well . He was also did not like my plan of queen exchange with isolated doubled pawn structure but he said it was ok because of the bishop pair and which got a decent positon even in the doubled pawns on the kingside

 In the fourrth round I had black pieces and I played again against the maroczy structure as black . So again I chose my secret weapon Nh6 line.I got an absolutely winning position but I made a mistake and gave the exchange and lost

 In the 5th round I had white pieces .That time I played the king indian attack against french but according to my master I played the wrong opening and I was also agreed with him . My master said it was a draw in the endgame but I lost . lets see how.

In the last round I won a game with simple calculation because my opponent ws very scared from me because he know about my coach .

I won 5 games in this tournament out of 9 and sorry my other games of this tournament i lost the scoresheet accidently.

It was my favourate tournament because of my 2000+ game .I was less experienced that time but ok i understand chess is a game of win and loss