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Inter University North Zone 2015

Inter University North Zone 2015

Nov 27, 2015, 6:16 AM 0

Now I am going to share my latest tournament which I played this year for my university in the North-Zone.I got only three points out of six but i like my play.Beofre it I am going to share my best game of the Inter -Collage competition.Because all other games are just very bad and i won easily .It was also winning for me but I blunded in the endgame and converted it into a draw.

After this I joined the Inter-University trial here.I won 8 games out of 10 an made two draw in the trial.I played every game with rapid clock thats why i have no scoresheets of my trial rounds.

In inter university my first opponent was very new in chess .I won simply in 13 moves.

In my 2nd round i played against a player of 1450 elo.I missed many good chances in this game and i already analised it .


In my 3rd round I played against a very good player .His elo was around 1875. During round i felt uncomfortable in my middlegame and i ws scared when he played f4 variation because i did not know the plans and ideas against it .During game I spent 30 mins and finally i find a plan which was very successful but unfortunately i lost on time. When i meet my master here he said the plan which u find was the plan of maroczy bind and you played well in the game .

In my fouth round i had again black pieces and i was happy in my opening becaue my opponent made a serious mistake and lost his two pawns .In endgame i blunded and made a draw but it was enough for team points .

In my last round i got a bye points because the opponent team was late and arbitor gave us team points so I got two draws and two wins and two loss in this tournament .I also was played well in the game against 1875 but i lost .I feels good about my result .Our team got 8th position in the tournament.

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