Rook Endgames

Rook Endgames

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                                                                                                    Rook Endgames-

 Many players in chess thinks that rook endgames are very hard to understand .Its right  but i think if u know the concepts nd know how to apply then it makes rook endgames more easy .  In this blog I decided to share my full knowledge of rook endgames I hope u may like.I f yes then feel free to comment and send me one trophy please.

Rook vs lone pawn-

Tip-If the enemy pawn is well into its journey towards promotion, and if its king is helping,and if the rook's king is off on vacation then a draw will result


Tip 2

If  a pawn is on the 5th rank and a king is trapeed on the 3rd rank by the enemy rook is always a win for the side of the rook

There are many exeptions in which if the defender side is protecting his own pawn then it also loses because of the help of the opponent king lets see how it works

Now the most basic osition of th rook endgames and the very important position to understand
The Lucena position (A master key of rook endgames)

This is the basic lucena position
its winning for white but now u have to understand how it works
Lucena arrises when the stronger side king is on the 8th rank of any file and his pawn is on the 7th rank .Now its very important basic principle .
Lets try how to solve this position as white
Another thing u may note that mucena also arrises with the rok pawn but its different concept so thats why right now lets conceder this
this applies in all files exept rook files .in rook files other concepts are required to understand .

As i already nvffffote that lucena arrises in every file so now lets cowhat will happen if the pawn is on the rook file.
Lucena with the rook file 

Now lets think how to solve it nd how white will get progress . here is a beautiful tip which decides who will win.
This type of position will a win for the stronger side if the opponent king is on the bishop file or beyond  it
lets see how

Lucena (draw)
After these two basics we are learning alot about the rook endgames and few basics and now its time to understand the philidor position

The Philidor Position

White is clearly looking better with his superior king position and his active rook and his one pawn aiming for promotion but unfortunately the position is dead draw
If black know the concept of philidor positions then he can easily make a draw with this position
Rule 1- If you are defending a philidor position don't allow your rook passively placed.
Rule 2-If your opponent's extra pawn is a knight pawn or a rook pawn and your king is in front of it,you should effortlessly draw even if the labotomyscar has not completely healed yet
Rule 3- These kinds of passive rook positions are winning for the stronger side if the pawn ( which is on the 6th rank) is a bishop pawn, queen pawn and a king pawn.However the knight pawn and the rook pawn is hopelessly drawn.
Now lets come back to our pure philidor position
Plan in the philidor-
The defender's drawing plan in the philidor is to use his rook  and block the stronger's side king from stepping onto the rank in front of the pawn. Go back and forth with the rook until the pawn is pushed ( Destroy the enemy king pawn cover )
Then leap to the back rank ( putting maximum difference between the enemy rook and the defending king) and start begin checking
                                                                         Rook and two connected pawns vs rook
Its easy to win for the pawns side but without knowledge its very tough. Connected rook and the knight pawn is the hardest case so if u can understand it then u can easily complete it with the centeral pawns.
The trick which makes ur life easy in such positions is to advance ur pawn together so ur king has shelter, ur pawns can defend one another, and blockades can be avoided.
Make sure your king and pawns are inclose contact.As in most chess situations, a team effort in neededfor a successful results

Rook in front of his 7th rank pawn-
It always gives advntage to the stronger side
its good for both players to try to put their rook behind their pawns because it makes them actively place and the rook in front of the pawn is always passively place

Lets see how it works
Stronger side rook Actively placed

                                                                     Weaker side rook actively Placed

 So what we learnt from both positions.We learnt that its good for us to keep our rook active in any situation in both positions only the passive rook side finds himself in deep problems so try to play with active rooks

Rule- When defending these positions,the normally successfull passive defense which works so well when the stronger side's pawn on the 7th rank and his rook in front of it-doesn't succeded if the pawan is on the 6th rank.Is it really a win for white .The answer is no.Black can save his game if he is familiar with the well know Vancura Position

Plans and ideas behind Vancura position-
Black can check along the 'f' file
His rook attack a6 and cornered his white rook
White king has nowhere to hide If white has a b pawn instead of a then vancura is not applicable because now white has a6 for hide
Lets try to understand with the help of this diagram-
So now we easily understand the Vancura position so lets go back to the position which i recently solved but with the wrong method 

lets try the above diagram again-

1. When combating a rook pawn on the 6th (with the stronger side rook in front of its pawn and the stronger's side king off in the hinterlands),the vancura position is the defender's road to salvation.

2.When combating a knight pawn on the 6th ( with the stronger side rook in front of its pawn and the stronger side's king off in the hinterlands) ,The vancura position is no longer sufficient for a draw. However, keeping the rook behind the pawn and rusting the king towards the unbattled area should pick up the pawn and draw the game.

Rook and Pawn ( on 4th or 5th rank) vs Rook-
1. A pawn on the 5th rank or beyond wins if the defending king is cut off by one file on the long side of the board.
2. A pawn on the 5ht rank wins if the defending king is cut off by two files. A knight pawn is an exeption and takes three files.
Now its time to explain about what is short side and what is long side?
Short side-
The Short Side is the side with the least amount of squares from the pawn to the side of the board.In general,the defender should alwaysmove his king to the Short Side of the board. Its  very important and the point behind it that the defending rook can use the long side for long distance checking without worry of the king getting in the way of these checks.It maybe helpful for us .
Now lets look at this position .Its based on our first rule which i mentioned above.

In a pawn down rook endgame where the defending king can no longer stay in front of the enemy pawn ,the defender shuld always move his king to the Short Side of the board so that his rook will have checking distance.

Now another identical example with black to move and draw

Now another example in which how defender can draw against a pawn on the 5th rank if his king correctly placed on the shorter side of the board.

Now its time to concenterate our mind on the pawn on the 4th rank.