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SGFI National 2014

SGFI National 2014

Nov 25, 2015, 10:19 PM 0

In 2014 I played my first and last School games National level tournament.I played three games against low rated players and i lost in two games .That time my elo level was about 1300 . I was not know chess openings and how to calculate etc. So its not so much good games but i would love to share everything.

In this first game I won a piece in the opening becasue white blunded but in the middle game i made a blunder with f5 move

In this second game I played wrong opening variation against french because I felt very scared when I face french. Right now i also feels uncomfortable against french.I lost the game after winning position.

In the 3rd round I faced a 1600+ player .That time I thought 1600 rating level is very high.That time i prepared the close sicillian (white) against the sicillian defense.So I was preety much happy in the opening because he was also following my favoourate line but at last I lost again.

In the 4th round I faced an unrated chess player. As I already mentioned that that time I was very bad in chess and in this game I got an absolutely winning position but I accidently made it a draw.

In the fifth round again I faced french .I decided to  change opening move orders so I chose exchange variation of the french without knowing its plans and ideas .but I lost. I  made a mistake and then  got a pawn down position and after that I resgined.

I only got one and half points out of 5 .It was my biggest upset ever.But I thought that at least it gave me the idea of 1700+ strength players.So it was my last tournament in school level That time I was in 12th grade

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