15/10 Tournament Bugs

Aug 6, 2013, 5:29 PM |

Hello Chess.com Support Staff,


     I recently participated in a 15/10 tournament and was playing a game in the second round. I made the pre-move e4. After the pre-move timer ended my move was made and 1.e4 appeared in the movement box. A few minutes passed, and through conversation with my opponent I realized that he could not see my move. I immediately contacted the Chess.com moderator DrawMaster and he informed me of the current bug in the tournament system responsible for this phenomenon. As I was talking to DrawMaster the game ended in a loss by abandonment for me although from my point of view my opponent's clock was running and I had moved. I understand that bugs may happen occasionally but am I bit frustrated that these tournaments are still being played and that this happened without any warning. I am writing to inquire if the eight points I lost in that game could be returned to my account in any way. I understand that moderators cannot do this but am wondering if anyone on the support staff could do this for me.


      Thank you for reading this message and understanding my frustration at the current outcome.