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Annotation of Rubinstein's Immortal Game

Aug 18, 2012, 9:08 PM 4

This next game, for me, emphasizes the importance of A) pinning your opponent's pieces whenever it is both feasible and does not lose tempo; B) the power of a Queen sacrifice at a crucial moment; and C) the importance of not overloading a defending piece by giving it too much to do. Supposedly this is called Rubinstein's Immortal Game because he sacrifices material from the end of the set-up, all the way to the finish, and is a powerful demonstration of his brilliant positional play. I just think it's beautiful. As before, please remember that I am mostly doing my own annotating, so if you see something amiss or disagree with an annotation feel free to comment with something constructive! I'd love to improve on this for my own files :) Here you go!


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