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Chess and the Great Outdoors.

Chess and the Great Outdoors.

Nov 11, 2011, 5:17 AM 1

After many years of playing chess with my fellows at school and university I have began to realize that two individuals can study the same style of chess (from opening strategies to endgame) and still have very different styles of play. For example me and my friend Mark were having a friendly game when he questioned my opening strategy, calling it unorthodox. I replied that I had learned it from studying Kasparov's opening moves, explaining how he was a Grand Master to my lesser educated fellow. To my surprise Mark knew of Kasparov, and to my greater surprise still he too had studied Kasparov's style of play, particularly his silican defence systems. I was intrigued, as we both seemed to have such different styles of play. We faced each other in many games, the results going either way each time. The competition, the rivalry, that's what Chess is all about, and that's what beings me on to my main point.

I have been playing Chess with many of the same faces for years now, and one fact that needs to be stated is how much difference it makes when you are playing someone face to face opposed to playing them online via Chess.com. I think this is because Chess has many psychological elements to it that simply can't be picked up from an online game. The manner a person moves their pieces, reacts to difficult situations, and faces the ongoing challenges of a Chess battle can really give the opponent a handle on how they think and process information, which can swing the result of a game. On top of that, there is a certain element of respect and magnetism about real life Chess games that is also unavailable to those who only compete online. So pack up your nicest Chess board, and head out to the nearest shopping mall or burger bar to challenge any who dare approach you! And don't forget - once you have had your valiant battle with your new friend for life, recommend they start an account with Chess.com. Because online Chess is great too.

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