Mar 9, 2010, 7:57 AM |

1-Easy to say we love!!!!

Difficult to demonstrate it every day.

One or two example:

do you love your kids,how many time you hug them per day,how many time you express your feelings to your wife to your parents,to your kids do you answer them politely do you respect their very strange ittiude,how many time they jump in your shoulder while you are in avery serious conversation with your wife do you pay them attention do you shout on them or you stop the conversation and you change your mode,did your mother ask about your health or you do this instead do you answer all the questions of your kids or you skip some and you ask them to keep quiet or you say its not important to answer all the questions,its not enough that you keep love in your heart it very important to demonstrate love ,love is not for every body love is for those whom they can show it every day,you have to practice it every day emotionaly and deep from your heart and should not feel that you are doing a job or a duety ,do you have a converation of you old grand father,whom you olve very much,how did you find your self ?? are you doing good do you ignore him when do you listen to him that is the peroid when he need you love and your care !!!!why the relation ships of most of the lovers fail ???? because of lack of love!!!! no their hearts are full of love but the way how they express it the way how they show it ,the way how they skips some of the things that is the reason and nothing is a respect and a mutual understanding of ideas and that need a pratice and demonstration as long as the life is going.its something very smooth its something that need paitent and need care becasue it something that you cant hold alone its between two people,three people four ....or a group of people the more you share the more you should care .

2-Love your Job but do not love your company

because you may not know when your company stops loving you


and answers

love your job then you do the best to your company,love your job then you are loyal to your company,love your job then you do the best every where ,companies may closed for financial issues,loving your job will take you to another zoon,you dont know when you can leave any company and what could be the reason ,if this happens then you need a very strong tools that could take you to keep going that tools is the love of your job,loving your job will carry you to keep your best at one stable and standardĀ  level to whom you work with.Any body if his company stop lovingĀ  him then he may acts different later on if he join another company and that may lead him to stop giving all his best but if you love your job then you will do your best all over where ever you are .