Glenwood's September Swiss

Sep 18, 2014, 3:03 PM |

The Glenwood chess club held their September Swiss on Sunday 9/14/14. It was a 3 round (turned into 4) event with a time control of G/45 d/5. I was impressed with the turnout and the strength of the field (although, only one A-class player appeared as a House player for the final round, the rest was of B-strength or lower). I believe I was the 5th seed when the first round began. There were also a handful of C-players and lower, which is condusive for younger and less experienced players.

I'm proud to say that I won the event, outright first place with a score of 3.5/4! I should admit two things however: 1.) The event was advertised to be only 3 rounds, with an optional 4th round to those who wanted to participate. A handful of players declined to play in the fourth round - including my opponent from the 3rd round (had he played and won in the 4th round, there would be a tie for first). 2.) I was incredibly lucky to win the final game!

Before I present my games from the tournament, I should point out that I did not use any chess engine to analyze my games. Not that I'm saying I never will, I just haven't done it here. I have also yet to truly analyze my games (having a full time job is time-consuming, as most adults will agree with!) so most of my notes between the moves are ideas that I was considering during the actual games.

The play was not characteristic of Mr. Lewis, who has a lot of experience with that defense and just made a couple of oversights. I had played him in a USCF rated game once prior and we played to a draw.

My next game is against one of the Club founders, Mr. Ken Windmon.

My next game is a game that I wish I could have played in a longer time control! This is the most aggressive line that either color can take when playing the Sicilian Dragon!

I have now played 2 USCF rated games against Mr. Richardson. I was black in both games, both were at Glenwood, both were on board one, and both resulted in exciting draws! The only difference between the two contests is that in our first game, he played 1.d4 and we went into a Nimzo-Indian defense.

My final game is a game I did not deserve to win. However, it evened my lifetime score against Mr. Musikic! He's a youth player who is rising quite quickly on the chess scene!

I thoroughly enjoy playing at Glenwood. I plan on taking part in their Thursday evening unrated G/15 d/2 tournaments with the hopes of ascertaining another club championship! I highly recommend playing here if you're wishing to improve your game!

My rating has taken a nice jump from 1667 - 1723. Feels good to be above 1700 again after a nearly 2 year streak of lackluster performances. Perhaps I will play in the Midwest Class in October, but I haven't decided on that yet.

I recommend any and all constructive feedback.