My story, Part 1

My story, Part 1

Dec 12, 2017, 2:19 PM |

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Part 1: The Spooky Graveyard

Will as Bill (13)

Zak as Jack (13)

Audrey as Aubrey (12)

Anna as Hannah (12)

Luke as "Duke" (name not confirmed) (11)

Seth as video camera boy (12)

--- means not said by anyone but done by people

This script is not 100% accurate to the video.

* means unsure if the person really said what is put there

**says kiddingly


--- Starts off with all four but the camera buy laughing about some joke or something else not said in front of the video recorder.

Jack: That's stupid! (Jack and the others walk while laughing near the graveyard)

Bill: Oh look, a graveyard!

Audrey: Well technically, it's a cemetery. Graveyards are connected to churches. (Bill raises his eyebrows and slightly nods in agreement)

*Jack: Let's hope it's not haunted.

Hannah: What? Are you scared to go in? (Hannah and Aubrey start to make chicken noises (meaning Jack was chicken)  while Bill smiles then laughs)

Hannah: Is it recording?

Camera boy: Yep, All set.

Jack: Fine! (the five walk into the graveyard)

Bill: Well you can't scare me! (Hannah taps Bill on the shoulder, Bill jumps and yells "Whoa!" And says: "Alright, alright. So I can get scared sometimes."

Jack: Hey look! (points to a gravestone with a broken fence around it and walks inside the fence)

*Aubrey 'here lies a one year old baby.'

Hannah: Aw… that's sad!

Bill: Wow…

---The five walk towards another gravestone.

Jack: Check it out!

[[I AM TOTALLY UNSURE WHAT AUDREY SAID AS HER CHARACTER SO I HAD TO MAKE UP IT]] Aubrey: Her lies a 34 year old woman. She will always be remembered. Birth 1830. Death 1864. (Aubrey takes a picture with her camera)

Bill: That was a long time ago…

Hannah: Well this is an old graveyard, you can tell.

Jack: Hey guys I'm going to do a flip on this grave to that one. Hold my phone Bill. (Bill takes it)

--- The four others start to cheer "Do it!" Jack runs and does the flip then takes his phone from Bill with a thanks and Bill steps on top of the grave. "My turn!" he said. The others start to cheer again and Bill puts starts to run to do the flip but then stops before the flip and says: "You really think I would try to do a flip?"

Jack: Aw… it would've made a great video. (the five start to walk again. Jack walks ahead of the other)

Hannah: Wow that Magnolia tree is huge!

Aubrey: I'll take a picture of it.

Bill: Hey guys, did I ever tell ya'll that I'm creating a spooky story?

Hannah: Oh that's cool, you didn't tell us.

Aubrey: Want to me to lend you the pictures I take from this graveyard? They might give you an idea or two.

Bill: Sure! That would be great, thanks.

Video camera boy: Check out what Jack's doing.

Jack: Look what it says, 'our mother' on the tomb!

**Hannah: Is it our long lost mother?

**Aubrey: We finally found you!

Bill: Hey Jack, put your hand in it.

--- Jack puts his hand in the tomb. Aubrey takes a picture.

Bill: You did!

Hannah: What did you expect? He's Jack!

Aubrey: Look at that! I must get a picture of it! (points at a big gravestone)

Hannah: It's huge!

Bill: Whoa!

---Jack walks beside it with the video camera boy and they pose for the picture. Aubrey see a little bit of someone who is on top of and behind the gravestone.

Aubrey: Oh my! (drops camera) what is that?

Hannah: What is what?

Bill: What is it Aubrey?

---Duke (who is on top of the gravestone but not the very top) carefully walks from behind the gravestone.

Aubrey: Do you see it?

Hannah and Bill: Yes!

---Duke snarls and Hannah, Bill, Aubrey, and the VC boy run away to the other side of the graveyard. They look for Jack but he is nowhere to be found.

Hannah: Jack?
Bill: Where are you Jack?

Aubrey: Jack, this isn't funny!

VC boy: Jack, come on!

---Jack comes out from a gravestone and says "Tada!"

Hannah: Seriously?

 Will: Aw, come on!

Audrey: That wasn't funny!

Hannah: Did you see that guy?

Jack: What guy?
Audrey: You did not see him?

Jack: No.

Hannah: Did you hire him?

**Jack: Yeah, with candy wrappers!

Bill: Well I guess it was kind of funny after all…

Hannah: Yeah…

---Jack falls to the ground and closes his eyes.

Hannah: Not again!

Aubrey: Jack!

Bill: IT was funny the first time!

Hannah: But not this time!

Aubrey: Come on Jack!

Bill: We got to go soon!

Hannah: We don't have all day!

Aubrey: I'm just going to go get my phone.

--- Jack grabs Hannah's leg and pulls himself up. Aubrey comes back with her camera and says: "Hannah, are you in this too?" Jack chokes Hannah to death and drops her to the ground. Aubrey yells "JACK! YOU KILLED HER!" Jack creeps toward Aubrey and does the same. Then he creeps toward the VC boy, but first tackles Bill and Bill pushes him back. So then Jack walks toward the VC boy and the VC boy says: "No, I don't want to die! NO!" Jack chokes him too, then creeps toward Bill. He runs towards Bill, but Bill doges the attack. Jack reaches his hands to choke Bill but Bill does it first. Jack drops to the ground.

--- Bill looks back and forth at all four bodies and says breathing hard: "This… Never… happened…" then Duke starts to run after Bill but Bill reaches the end of the graveyard and runs out just in time.