My story, Part 2

My story, Part 2

Dec 12, 2017, 2:18 PM |

Words besides these: 586 Part 1:

Part 2: The Ghosts of Bill's Friend

Will as Bill (13) (in video he is supposedly 14)

Zak as Jack (13)

Audrey as Aubrey (12)

Anna as Hannah (12)

Luke as "Duke" (name not confirmed) (11)

Hope as a young girl (12-13)

* means said in creepy tone

--- means not said by anyone but done by people



Bill: (says to himself) Here is the graveyard where my friends died last year… it's creepier then it was last time. (Bill hears leaves being crunched and gasps and then sighs and says in his mind) It's only an animal, just be calm Bill.

--- One by one, Hannah, Jack, the Aubrey walk from behind gravestones.

Bill: Hannah? Jack? Aubrey?

*Aubrey: Hello Bill!

*Jack: We've been waiting for you.

Bill: You have?

*Hannah: So nice of you to stop by!

*Jack: Last time you killed all of us.

Bill: But, I only killed you, and that was so I wouldn't die myself!

*Hannah: So selfish! (Aubrey nods her head in agreement)

Bill: We can still be friends… right?

Jack: NEVER!

--- Jack puts is hand around Bill's neck and grabs it, while Aubrey and Hannah creeps closer. Bill yells "Noooooo!" and "punches" Jack in the face then runs off out of their sight, to a big gravestone and hides behind it. The three ghosts try to search for him.

Aubrey: Where did he go?

Hannah: He's not over here!

--- The three walks behind a giant Magnolia tree and searches there, while Aubrey and Hannah look to the left and right, Jack walks over to behind the gravestone and says in an evil tone of voice: "There you are!" Bill does a small yell and quickly walks to the other side of the gravestone and finds that it gave him no help.

--- Jack, Hannah, and Aubrey start to walk slowly over to where Bill stands (Bill has no idea what to do) and Aubrey makes a signal with her eyes then Duke jumps off the graveyard over Bill and onto the ground and snarls at him. Bill panics and looks to the left and right to see where he should escape but it was too late, the other start to close in on him, holding hands so it would be hard for Bill to escape. Bill runs and ducks under Hannah and Aubrey's hands, and dashes straight toward the Magnolia tree.

--- Bill was about to try to go under the Magnolia tree, but some young girl in spooky clothes starts to walk directly towards him. "Who are you?" In reply, the girl groans and puts her hand on Bill's neck. Bill's face turns to horror and confusion. The girl pushes him back to the same gave stone and the other three starts to close in on him again. Bill attempts to duck under their hands again but fails this time.

--- Bill says in panic: " Why are you doing this to me? The girl gets ready to choke him and the others are right there beside them "No, please no, NO!" Bill then screams. The result of this concludes all four falling to the ground. Bill stares at them for a few seconds and says while breathing hard: "I am never coming here… EVER... again!" He looks up and Duke snarls at him. "AHH!" Bill yells "I am getting out of here!"

--- Bill runs off in the distance looking back every now and then. After he runs out of the graveyard, the video ends.