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GFE ft Sloppy Joes on Rice

GFE ft Sloppy Joes on Rice

Feb 10, 2018, 8:58 PM 0

Usually sloppy joes are made on hamburger buns or some sort of bread but because we don't have that (English muffins or Dave's Prison bread just doesn't sound right) I decided to use rice for my bed.


Ground Hamburger meat

Sloppy Joe mix

Scallions or any onion

Vegetable(s) of your choice

Olive oil





The How To:

Make your rice...when it is finished, give it some butter.

Heat some olive oil with some butter. Cook your meat and add in onions with vegetables. Add in sloppy joe mix when meat is cooked. Let the sauce warm up.

You can drain the extra oil before adding in the sauce but since we're doing rice, the oil will add a nice flavor.

Once the sauce is warm, serve the sloppy joe(s) on a bed of rice. Combine it with a salad or some seaweed and enjoy!

Notice: there may or may not be another GFE or any food post for forty days or longer. 

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