Tips For Your First Chess Tourney

Aug 21, 2014, 1:13 AM |

Stay Hydrated


You may be at the chess tournament all day, so it is important to stay hydrated. Bring a bottle from home that you can fill up at the tournament, or purchase a drink at the tournament. Avoid soda or other carbonated drinks, as they will further dehydrate you. Fruit juices are another good option, however. Staying hydrated will help keep you mentally focused.


Take Your Time


As you are playing, remember not to rush. Think through each move three times before submitting it. You should also be constantly questioning what your opponent's next move will be. Although the clock is running, don't let it mess you up.


Bring Something to Help You Relax


Between rounds, you need to stay calm and relaxed, especially if you have already experienced a loss. Bring something to keep your mind occupied between rounds. Try a book, Game Boy, or mp3 player.


Meet New People

Every chess player is always looking to improve his or her game and learn new strategies. If this meet is your first one, then take advantage of the great minds around you. Take time between rounds to meet new people and possibly exchange contact information.


Eat Light Snacks


When your nerves are running high, you don't want to take your chances on a big meal not agreeing with your stomach. So it is best to just stick with light snacks between rounds. Bring foods from home that you like and are familiar with.


Stay Confident!


Most scholastic chess tournaments use the Swiss system pairing, which means that players with the same score are paired up each round. A player gets one point for a win, half of a point for a draw, and zero points for a loss. So even if you lose one round, you are not out of the tournament. Remember not to get upset after a loss. Stay confident, as a defeatist attitude will negatively affect your play.

Although winners are awarded prizes, chess tournaments should still be a fun and social. Remember that even if you are defeated, you can learn and grow from the experience. Staying relaxed before each round is important, so feel free to socialize with other players or read a book to stay calm. Since it is your first tournament, it is important that you enjoy yourself and continue to compete in more tournaments in the future.




Did you know?


Chess grandmaster Bobby Fischer was known for his unique way of preparing for chess tournaments. He enjoyed large meals that were always accompanied with a glass of fresh orange juice. In fact, he often brought his own juicer with him as he traveled around the world to different matches.

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Wish you all the best and lots of fun in your first chess tourney and don't forget to share your experience!!