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Are we ever to old to win?

Are we ever to old to win?

Jun 1, 2009, 11:52 PM 1

* A quick note: If anyone ventures to see my myspace page(s), you will note that I love to write... I don't call it blogging, but writing. Anyways, sometimes I'll write about chess, but occasionally... or more often, I will write about various topics, even things as random as religion, etc. I might even do things in MLA format or APA, just for kicks. I hope you enjoy my writings, but most importantly that you respond and debate with me. I love debates!

Are we Ever Too Old to Win

     Occasionally I have days were I wake up and I can here my family running around preparing for the day ahead. Its probably 6 am... give or take an hour. I know I have class at 8 and it takes me an hour to get ready, feed my pets, organize myself, and get a quick run or set of push-ups in for the day. Then there's my warm-ups at the piano, or some project for school or work that must be completed. Yet non of these tasks,ringing in sync with my alarm, can motivate me enough to get myself out of bed and stretch, open the door, and say good morning to anyone. They do not ring loud enough, actually, and the sounds of my sister's footsteps fading in and out as she sprints between her room and the bathroom, or my mother discussing her plans for the next big $40,000 fundraising event over the phone ring much louder, soo much that it makes my head tremble, and my body ache. I do not wan't to open the door, I do not want to join their loud chaos, I do not want to be reminded that at 21 - almost 22 - I am still living with them. So I close my eyes, hit the sleep button, and fade away into a cave of darkness where I can be comforted by shadows on the walls.
    My alarm rings again... this time at 7am. The door slams shut behind my mother on her way to the Jeep in the driveway. I wait for the engine to fade away; I have learned that just because the door has closed, it does not mean the house is at peace, no my Mother or sister could run right back in at any moment and disrupt my qi. So I lay in bed, motionless, and I close eyes, but stay awake until finally, "WHRAAAMMM," and the sound disappears. I wait another few minute just to make sure my family is gone... I can now start my day under the illusion that I live on my own.

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