May 16, 2010, 8:28 PM |

I am starting to believe that chess is no quick fix. I find that I lack chess vision and despite my efforts I seem to not be improving. I still let go of pieces and don't see that sudden knight assault my queen. I wonder if this game is for me at all. But oh how I adore it, love the feel of pieces and how they move about the board. Sometimes when I play I feel something in my forehead just not click and I wonder if my max is at 1000 or so. I have had various people tutor me and even taught the game to my father (who is beating me already, allow me to add). Every day or so I practice on but still I do not see that pin or that skewer- though I know there is nothing more glorious than checking the king to get to another piece. Wonder when I will get the chance to do that.

Just in a bit of a slump, any advice or encouragement is always appreciated.