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Why my God Why

Jan 26, 2008, 9:19 AM 0
Why do we play this game? It is both frustrating and humiliating at the same time.It reminds me some much of golf for those of you who play that game as well. For in both games we are souly resonpilbe for its outcome and the final score. No else else is to blame if we give our queen away or we bury the ball deep into the woods. Some days find myself hitting the ball great off the tea, niceand long as well as straight. Only to hit a lousy iron shot or two. Then follow up those bad shots with a great one or two putt green. My chess game is just the same I can make a few great opening moves and tollay mess up the middle game. On other days I can have a so so opening game and then a great middle game. If only I could or we could put it all together on the same day, drive the ball straight and long following that up with a great appproach shot to the green then a two put and walk away with a nice par. Or start off with a great opening game one with no mistakes, follow that up with a few middle game moves that would make a grand master smile leading to a easy end game. Yes, if only we could put it all together. So I guess that is why I play both, both chess and golf hoping for that one day when it all comes together even if it is for one day. 

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